Jesse Sensibar – How Easy the Digging

Hey there readers. We’ve got a brand new piece from Arizona’s own Jesse Sensibar for you today. It’s a quick one, perfect for a lazy Sunday read, but we’re sure you’re gonna like it. And, if you stick around, you’ll find a sweet bonus interview with the author below.

Jesse Sensibar loves small furry animals and assault rifles with equal abandon and has a soft spot in his heart for innocent strippers and jaded children. Jesse’s work has appeared in such places as Corner Club Press, Grey Sparrow Journal, Niche, The Tishman Review, Stoneboat Journal, and Waxwing. Jesse’s first full-length work, Blood in the Asphalt, is forthcoming from Tolsun Press. You can find him at

How Easy the Digging

At 3:30am the stars are bright and the moon is low out here on the high desert. The trustfund hippie-kid I just picked up with the dirty Jeep Grand Cherokee that snapped a tail shaft and threw its driveline is trying to get all weird and metaphysical on me. I got a feeling I know where he’s going and I don’t really like it ‘cause I know that we’re gonna’ end up with him claiming to be poor, suggesting that I should be out here working for him for free. So I just jump on in and get a little stranger than he’s pretending to be, tell him about all the skinwalkers and witches that are just out of sight of the headlights surrounding us right now, out here on the desert in the dark, tell him that the only thing that keeps him safe right now is all the spirits of all the dead people that have taken their last ride to the other side in this here old flatbed tow truck I drive. I tell him about how easy the digging is out here in the desert and how nobody ever finds the bones. He’s dead quiet when I finish. I light a cigarette with my old chrome Zippo and grin like a coyote in the flash of a spark in the dark ‘cause I know now, I’ll get paid.

The Disappearing West – An interview with Jesse Sensibar

RR: From your piece, we can tell you see some really cool things and meet a lot of “interesting” people out on the roads in your line of work. But, what about the downtime? What do you do during the more “routine” stretches of the job to keep entertained?

JS: I restore junk cars and travel trailers and I tell stories and I look for small artifacts and bits of graffiti and broken glass that represent the disappearing West. And I pet kitties.

We saw somewhere that you’re not originally from Arizona. What was your perspective, taking in the Copper State for the first time?

I was amazed at the lack of rust in the Copper State. When I got to Arizona, there were no rusty cars and no potholes.

Tell us a little bit about the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is an indigenous Catholic/Spanish saint who watches over all of us in the American Southwest and especially in the borderlands between Mexico and the United States.

Your website says you’ve had a lot of jobs, from being a private investigator to fighting wildland firefighters. What’s one of the best, and one of the worst experiences you’ve had in any job?

Once I got asked out on a date by a woman whose car I was repo-ing in Prescott, Arizona. Once I knelt down in what I thought was a mixture of automatic transmission fluid and water but it turned out it was actually a young man’s brains.

Lastly, and this is the most important question: what’s your ideal Sunday morning? What kind of breakfast, where would you be spending it, etc.

My ideal Sunday morning involves waking up after getting some uninterrupted sleep through Saturday night. Then I would have Earl Grey tea with lots of half and half and watch the sunrise. Then I would take a stripper half my age to breakfast.


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